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The Best GTD system for Site Builders I’ve found

The Niche Hustle is all about getting things done.

Do one thing and move on the next. Getting Things Done as a productivity technique developed by David Allen. One of the tenants of the technique is that you jot down all your tasks you need to complete. As long as you are not trying to keep track of your to do in your head, your head is free to follow directions from your list completely focused because the immeasurable list of things to do is still taking up part of their thinking pattern.

There are tens maybe hundreds of different GTD Systems out there. Some are free, some are paid, some are SAAS. Some are PC only, some Mac only, some web based, some that are mobile compatible.

The best is when it works on the web and works on my iPhone. Building niche sites is a pretty repetitive thing so the task list can get daunting. A tool that organizes a repetitive process that repeats over and over in each “project” your building is a great addition to your arsenal.

Maybe you are just starting out building niche sites? Maybe you only have 2 or 3 writers you use so far and you are managing it all. And in keeping in tune with an efficient budget, there is no need for you to go out and spend money on a full fledged GTD system.

 Enter DO

I found this website last night on stumble. I reviewed it and installed it and immediately loved it. The feature that I love the most is the project template. Create a template, fill it with tasks broken down into sections, and put description of task in each note and section. Do this for every kind of site you plan to build.

  • Building a 1 post micro niche site? – Build a step by step template for yourself.
  • Building a 2-10 post niche site? – Copy the micro niche template and add sections for additional posts tasks.
  • Building an Amazon Review Site? – Notate all the steps involved from A-Z.
  • Building an Authority Site with various monetizations? – Again, build a template.

For every site you add to your portfolio of sites, you simply add a new project, select the template you wish to use and presto! You have a road map, step by step of what you need to do and instructions and reminders on how to do each task.

Best of all? It’s Free (no affiliate link silly)

I’ll be posting a quick video soon detailing all the steps I use for a micro niche site. That will be the first template.

I know there are other tools out there so if anyone comes across something really useful like this that they are using I would love to hear about it.

Check out the service here and let me know your thoughts on the tool!

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  • Jon Haver

    I have been using Google Docs as my project management tools but have been looking to expand to something that has more options. Thanks for reviewing Do, it and BaseCamp are definitely in the running but for now I really like the simplicity and(free) nature of Google Docs.

    • Sebastian

      Thanks for commenting! Google Docs is a great and free tool, but lacks the product driven focus. I’m more of a visual person and to use an excel like table to track my productivity. Bascamp is king for project management but Do.com is a free service!!